Sunday, March 12, 2017

What I'm Not Buying: Benefit Dandelion Twinkle

Benefit has released Dandelion Twinkle, what I assume is a highlighter inspired by their Dandelion blush. 

I won't be buying. 

I've written before about how I am not a fan of Benefit boxed powders, and this is potentially the most egregious of all of them. As far as I can tell, Dandelion Twinkle is Dandelion blush:

Except somehow even less pigmented and with glitter:

Photo: Temptalia

 My biggest gripe with Dandelion is that I have never seen it actually show up on any skin tone. It definitely doesn't show up on my skin, which is light to medium with warm olive undertones. I have friends who have significantly paler skin than me and who would absolutely be considered "fair" with cool undertones. And still, Dandelion barely shows up on them, if at all.

I understand that it is next to impossible to have products that are universal and work for everyone, however, I think Dandelion may work for too few people. I find a similar problem with Benefit's other boxed powders, like Coralista:


And Hervana:

These powders all look relatively similar and seem to me that they will primarily work for the lightest of skin tones. And, I don't know, that is just really off-putting for me. The cosmetics industry already skews so heavily toward light skin tones that to skew further into the lightest of skin tones is just kind of tacky? It would be different if Benefit offered a range of boxed powders that will work for all skin tones, but since they don't, I find them to be a difficult brand to support. 

Looking at Dandelion Twinkle as a highlighter, Benefit is, like many brands, just so far behind in the game. If it provides a light sheen to the skin, I can see that being pretty, but how it is different than any other highlighter? 

I'm sure I sound like a broken record at this point, but on the skin, sheered out, almost all highlighters will look exactly the same. Highlighters typically come in huge pans, and even with everyday use, one highlighter will likely last over a year. Because of that there is just little point in owning multiple highlighters. 

The highlighters Dandelion Twinkle most remind me of are Becca Rose Quartz:

And Becca Amethyst:

And honestly, there is little difference in color from more inexpensive highlighters as well, like those from Makeup Revolution:

Photo: Maklina Makeup

Dandelion Twinkle brings absolutely nothing new to the table as a highlighter, full stop. 

I've heard Dandelion Twinkle mentioned as a blush topper, and that concept in general makes me roll my eyes hard. A blush topper, in my opinion, is something unnecessary that was made up to add an extra step in the makeup process and to get people to buy more crap. No one needs a blush topper. If you have a great blush, you don't need anything else. The concept of blush toppers are also used to justify keeping (or buying) a blush that in no way works for someone. If it's too light and shimmery, instead of getting rid of it, people will say they can use it as a blush topper. If the blush is way too dark for them, they'll say they can use it lightly as a blush topper. What? Why?

If you want to add sparkle to your blush, use the highlighter you already own or, if it's that important to you that you would shell out $29 for a "blush topper," instead spend the money on a shimmery blush that you will love and use. 

Personally, I have no use for a product like Dandelion Twinkle. If I want a pink blush that actually shows up on my skin, I have theBalm Frat Boy:

If I want a highlighter, I have ones I love from Becca, Laura Mercier and Estee Lauder.

The biggest thing Dandelion Twinkle has to offer is that Benefit boxed powders are perfumed. And I know that might sound crazy, but that is a justification I've heard from many people as to why they want to buy these powders: because they smell good. And you know, I'd rather spend twice as much and buy an actual perfume than to buy a product that will barely show up on my skin so that I can, what? Sniff the box when I use it? That's not worth $29 to me!

The hard truth is that this is just another "right now" product. This product, I highly doubt, is made up of much more than hype. In a few months—or even weeks—another highlighter will come out that everyone turns their attention to. And the reason for that is because the people who talk about these products—those on YouTube and Instagram—are being paid in one way or another to talk about and hype the latest things that come out. And yeah, it's really easy to say, "Oh my goddddd. I LOVE this product! It's so great, you have to go out and buy it!" when you are either 1.) Receiving the product as PR and therefore don't have to actually buy it. 2.) Being actively paid to say those things. 3.) Able to deduct all those purchases off your taxes as a "business expense."

I'd like to see someone who buys all their own products and gets no financial gain from it actually tell people that every single one of these highlighters is legitimately "worth it." 

Fact is, these products aren't made in super small quantities. They contain a ton of product that will take a long time to go through. Based on size, they are not intended to be one of 10 in someone's collection. The size is intended to be the ONLY ONE. And the reason the products aren't smaller is because companies want to change a huge markup. Even with a lot of product, makeup items are still ridiculously overpriced. If companies scaled them down, they would have to also lower prices. And they don't want to do that. 

And since the sizes of most products cannot be used up in a month or two, it makes NO sense to buy every single new product that gets five minutes of hype. Because after those five minutes are up, you are out (in this case) $29 and are likely not using the product as you are on to the next thing. But if you can resist the hype for the five minutes and actually find a product you enjoy, the only one who looses is the company that wants your money. You're not the one missing out. 

Dandelion Twinkle offers absolutely nothing that I don't already own, and I have zero use for it. So I won't be buying. 


  1. I am quite pale and really wanted to love Dandelion, just for a subtle pinky glow. It looked like pink chalk on my skin--not a good look! I'll be skipping this one for sure...

  2. hey, my declutter blush project seems to be going quite well!
    i went from 17 blushes to 11 - have already gotten rid of 7 other by january/february. i started 2017 owning 24 blushes (what a shame) and now i have 11 (but still want to declutter some)!
    your blog really really helped me, in 2 main ways: i realized most blushes from a color family look almost the same when you wear them, and also i shouldn't believe the hype, but be honest about if i find a product to be really GOOD (and that's how i said bye bye to my bella bamba).
    i've seen you mention the balm frat boy before, and you have mentioned owning desert as well, right? i'm still downsizing and decluttering, and maybe i'll need a neutral blush in my collection, since the ones i had seem to have no pigmentation anymore (do you feel it's something that happen to matte blushes after a while? they get, i don't know, kinda stiff?), and my NARS luster had broken and has never worked properly again after i recompacted it. i have never used the balm products before and desert seems really beautiful. do you think it's worth giving a try?
    btw, since i started acting like a crazy person and not caring about what other people may think, i started buying less. that means: now, when i consider buying something, i have to take part of my stash with me ti the store and compare what i already have with what i want to take home - and that's exactly what i'll do when i go chasing my neutral blush.

    1. Wow! Getting down to 11 blushes is great! I've got 9 blushes in total, but one is a mini that was free. I feel like I have every color family covered and can't imagine another blush coming out that I will like more than the ones I have.

      Yes, I love theBalm Balm Desert. I think a natural blush is going to be a personal decision for everyone, but what I like about it is that it's a rose brown on my skin tone. I have a warm skin tone, so I assumed the warmer ones like Becca Wild Honey would be perfect on me, but I found it looked a little too orange. I tried several natural blushes before landing on that one, and I love it.

      But I think it really depends on what you want out of a natural blush. Balm Desert is technically a bronzer, but it also works as a blush. I tried Too Faced Pink Leopard (hated it) and Benefit Dallas (looked like nothing on me) before deciding on Balm Desert. I think if you want a rose brown, it would be worth a shot, but if you want something warmer, or more orange, you probably won't like it.

    2. hey, i tested it yesterday and really liked it on me (i mean, i really tried on my cheeks, not only swatched it). i'm nc25, so even though it might look too neutral on someone with a cooler skintone, it turned out to be rose brown on me as well (i never wanted something truly neutral, meant to be used for coutouring, for i don't find them appealing when used alone as a blush. i prefer something neutral but healthy-looking - and healthy appeareance has all to do with blood). and i loved the texture!
      definitely considering making this purchase!
      and if you won't mind telling us, what are your current blushes?