Anti-Haul Blog seeks to take the hype down just a notch.

Through being an active member of the beauty community for several years, I have watched marketing tactics shift due to increased demand for new products and the rise of internet "influencers." As a makeup lover and eyeshadow enthusiast, I was caught up for years in the notion that I needed to buy every new, hyped release or fear missing out. But then, like so many others, my makeup collection hit levels of oversaturation, and I decided that I needed to fundamentally change the way I thought about makeup and interacted with these new marketing tactics. With a growing desire to rein in my spending, make the most of what I currently own, and make thoughtful purchases moving forward, Anti-Haul Blog was created.

It is my hope that I can inspire the same mindfulness toward marketing and consumerism in others.

In the media:

Racked: The Latest Beauty Trend Is Not Buying More Makeup

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