Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Last Weeks Looks: Milani Earthly Elements, Ardency Inn, and Fyrinnae

So, first off, I haven't posted in a while. The reason for that is simple: I've been swamped with work and exhausted. My full-time job largely involves writing, so when I get home after a long week, I just don't have the brainpower to write more. Additionally, I have a severe B-12 deficiency, which causes extreme exhaustion if not properly treated. I've had a flare-up in the last week, and I just haven't had any energy. With that said, I'm still blogging!

And here are five looks I did last week.

Look 1: Milani Earthly Elements

4 on the lid, 2 and 3 blended into the crease, and 6 padded onto the outer corner. 

Look 2: Fyrinnae Meerkat

Meerkat on the lid (over Pixie Epoxy) and Kat Von D Meow and Dope blended into the crease. 

Look 3: Milani Earthly Elements 

5 on the lid, 2 blended into the crease, and 3 padded onto the outer corner and blended into the crease. 

Look 4: Fyrinnae Rapunzel Had Extensions

Rapunzel Had Extensions on the lid (over Pixie Epoxy) and Physician's Formula Classic Nudes quad blended into the crease.

Look 5: Ardency Inn Rose Gold

Rose Gold on the lid and Becca Ombre Rouge blended into the crease. 

Milani Earthly Elements
Status: Keep

This palette is new to me, so I took last week as an opportunity to use it. I have mixed thoughts on it because four shadows are really amazing and two are not so great. The biggest shade in the palette, 1, is basically glitter. That's it. The other light shade, 5, has such a light sheen to it that it looks almost like a matte shadow on my eyes. That's not a look I particularly like on myself, so I don't care for that shadow too much. The rest of the palette, however, is incredible. I don't have another shadow in my collection like 3, the matte orange. I absolutely love this shade. 2, 3, and 5 were also really pretty and were softer and easier to work with than a lot of my shadows. I wish the other two shadows in this palette were good, but on the whole, this is the first drugstore palette I've ever really liked and wanted to keep.

Fyrinnae Meerkat
Status: Keep

I really love this color. It reminds me a lot of Laura Mercier African Violet, but if African Violet was much more pigmented and beautiful. I enjoyed wearing this shadow so much. The only negative I have is that there was a lot of fallout. And not only fallout, but glitter fallout. It used to be that I would not accept that from a shadow, and I still won't accept large chunks of noticeable glitter that rain down my face, but I found the fallout to be pretty manageable. It's still worth noting, however. 

Fyrinnae Rapunzel Had Extensions
Status: Favorite 

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned this shadow in another post. I did not have Pixie Epoxy at the time, and I was a little disappointed with how this shadow looked on me. As soon as I bought Pixie Epoxy and it arrived, however, I knew I had to try it again. And man, do I love this shadow. 

For comparison, this is Rapunzel Had Extensions without Pixie Epoxy, worn over primer:

And this is it with Pixie Epoxy:

I don't know how much of a difference you can tell in pictures, but in person, the difference was huge. This is seriously one of the prettiest eyeshadows I have ever used. And again, every time I wear a Fyrinnae eyeshadow, I wonder why people fall all over themselves trying to get the latest Too Faced or Tarte or Urban Decay release. There is just no companion in terms of color dimension and uniqueness. 

Ardency Inn Rose Gold
Status: Favorite 

I bought this shadow months ago after I heard someone refer to it as "Laura Mercier African Violet, except better." And it's interesting because, as I've said, Meerkat reminded me of that shadow. Rose Gold, however, doesn't remind me of African Violet whatsoever. But it is an incredibly pretty shadow. This one shadow let me get rid of my Lorac Unzipped palette a while ago. I didn't need anything in there when I had this one fantastic shadow. 

Last week, despite it being challenging personally, was really great for makeup. I typically have one or two favorite looks of the week while liking the rest, but honestly, all but look 3 were favorites of mine. And, I'm happy to report that I wore all of these looks to work! I still don't feel comfortable wearing super dark or wild colors, but I have to say that I'm branching out quite a bit at work. More of the women in the office have started wearing (minimal) makeup, and I just don't care anymore about wearing only very light washes of neutral color. I figure if some people in the office who are at the same level as me can wear jeans and sneakers to work, I can wear "bold" eyeshadow. 


  1. although i'm in kind of buying rehab, i think i'll give fyrinnae eyeshadows a try, thanks to your last posts about them! they look really beautiful and unlike anything in my huge collection.
    i'm also planning on testing all my 17 blushes, since you are SO RIGHT when you say blushes from a family color will basically look the same when you wear them. i hope i can downsize my collection to, like, 10.
    so, again, thanks a lot for keeping this blog!

    1. I certainly wouldn't want to be an "enabler," but I do think if you are looking for new eyeshadows to purchase, the ones from Fyrinnae are so much more interesting, unique, and complex compared to pretty much everything that is hyped. I think if you researched the colors, you would find some really pretty ones that aren't already duplicated in your collection. I've been really pleased with my purchases and they have made all the new palettes that are coming out look so uninteresting, which I love!

      Good luck with the blush project! It took me a while to learn that about blushes. I kept thinking that they all had subtle nuances, but you're not packing blush onto your cheeks. Even if you have a heavy hand (like me), it's still so much sheerer than what you typically see when you swatch a color and decide it's "unique."

      Let me know how it goes! And thanks for reading!

    2. the fact is i have too much makeup, specially eyeshadow (singles and palettes), blushes and lipsticks. i'm finding it hard to do a really massive declutter. it's easy getting rid of things that have gone bad (when you have 220 lipsticks, like i once had, some will spoil for sure), or that are cheap and low quality, or you just realize you don't like. now the deal is: 115 lipsticks are still far too much for a regular person to own and use, but at the same time most of them were not that cheap, perform well, etc.
      but i'm determined. i need to keep only things i really like ("like" here means a combination of great performance, nice color, not being unflattering, etc). so now i'll compare all my blushes and check, for instance, which ones emphasize my pores (i have never thought about that before, i just thought i have pores and that's nothing i could do about that - wrong!), or how long do they last on my skin... and i'll try to be unforgiven. i feel that owning to much stuff makes me anxious (because i feel i need to keep track of a lot of things), kinda dumb (as a reminder of all i bought because of my cumpulsive buying disorder, now happily under control) and sad.
      i'll keep you posted. again, thanks a lot!

      p.s. sorry for the mistakes i'm surely making, since i'm not an english native-speaker (greetings from brazil, btw). ;)