Sunday, March 12, 2017

Weekend Looks: Fyrinnae and Dior

My intentions were to do two very colorful looks this weekend, but today, I found myself itching for a shadow that has become a fast ultimate favorite. So, I have one colorful look and one neutral look. And I'm happy with that. 

Here are the looks I did this weekend. 

Look 1: Fyrinnae The Alchemist and Viseart Dark Matte

Fyrinnae The Alchemist on the lid (over Pixie Epoxy) and Viseart 10, 11, and 12 blended into the crease.

Look 2: Dior Cosmopolite, Zoeva Substitute for Love, and Anastasia Beverly Hills Fudge

Cosmopolite on the lid and Substitute for Love and Fudge blended into the crease.

Fyrinnae The Alchemist
Status: Love

This is one of the coolest shadows I have seen. The Alchemist is a part of Fyrinnae's Arcane Magic line, which means (as I've explained a lot) that the color will look different depending on how close it is to light. The Alchemist looked teal on the lid and in the picture, but when I was in different lighting, it looked purple. It was really cool! I paired the shadow with shades in Viseart Dark Matte, and I think it was a perfect combination. I used the last three shades in the palette, which range from teal to a green-brown, and I thought the look was really pretty. I could have also paired it with purples or blues from this palette, but I was happy to use some of the shades that don't get as much use as others. 

Dior Cosmopolite
Status: Favorite

I've talked about Cosmopolite before, so I won't spend too much time on this shade. I love it. It is easily one of my favorite shadows in my entire collection. Yes, it is a bronze (sort of), but it is incredibly special and unique, in my opinion. It's like a bronze mixed with taupe and glitter/sparkle, except the sparkle is completely contained in the shadow and does not fall out whatsoever. I've been craving Cosmopolite since I last wore it (not that long ago), and just couldn't bring myself to wear something else today. 

Zoeva Substitute for Love
Status: Love

I've also talked about this a lot, so I'll be brief again. This is one of the best matte browns I have ever used. The tone is perfect for my skin tone, it offers great pigment, and it blends so easily. That I know of, this color is only available in the Cocoa Blend palette, but I have depotted mine.  

Anastasia Beverly Hills Fudge
Staus: Really enjoy

At the end of the day this is a brown shadow, so it's challenging for me to be overly enthusiastic about it. With that said, it's a great shadow and darkens up any gold/bronze look really beautifully. I'm a much bigger fan of ABH singles than the shadows in their palettes, and I get that I am in the minority there. Fudge is a perfect shade for me because it's darker than colors like Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear (one of my favorites) and lighter than matte black shades or browns that are dark enough to look black. This gives me the depth that I enjoy without being too dark. 


  1. I'm enjoying this blog, even thought it's pretty much an echo chamber for me! Singles are the way to go as far as I'm concerned, and makeup hype is really unhealthy.

    I'm happy to see someone get into Fyrinnae. They were my gateway drug into the makeup world and I've pretty much stuck with indie brands! The Alchemist is amazing, isn't it? Some of my other absolute favorites are: Bonfire Spirits, Illusionary, Because Cats, The Conjuror, Abandoned Hotel, Dressed To Kill, Brocade, Predjama Castle, and Prismatic Thunderstorm.

    I have a pretty comprehensive swatch collection here, if you're interested:
    Some colors are too similar and have been passed on to friends, but most of them are completely out of this world and I love them!

    1. Wow! Your swatch collection is amazing! Also, I'm pretty sure I follow you on Instagram (have for a while, one of my readers recommended you), and your swatches are always so great and helpful! Would it be okay to use this link (giving you credit, of course) the next time I talk about Fyrinnae?

      I've actually purchased several shadows you listed, and am waiting for them to come in! Thank you so much for reading!

  2. Love these looks!Great post as always!😊