Sunday, March 26, 2017

Weekend Looks: Fyrinnae and Darling Girl Cosmetics

Intentionally, this was an indie-focused weekend. Unintentionally, it was a greenish weekend as well. Also unintentionally, I did one warm-toned look and one cool-toned look. And I really love how both turned out!

Here are my weekend looks. 

Look 1: Fyrinnae Aztec Gold, Bobbi Brown Camel, and Anastasia Beverly Hills Fudge 

Aztec Gold on the lid, Camel blended into the crease, and Fudge padded onto the outer corner. 

Look 2: Darling Girl Cosmetics Ladyhawke and Ugly Naked Guy

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy as a base, Ladyhawke on the lid, and Ugly Naked Guy blended in the crease. 

Fyrinnae Aztec Gold
Status: Favorite 

Holy cow, folks. This is one beautiful eyeshadow. Weeks ago, when I placed my first Fyrinnae order, I really wanted to buy this shadow, which is one of the few that is only offered in a pressed form. Temptalia had raved about this shadow, and it looked different from anything else I had seen. Unfortunately, it was sold out, and it continued to be sold out for weeks after. I finally saw it was available, and I snatched it, especially since I have been having such a love affair with Fyrinnae shadows. I was surprised to find that it just came as a pan of eyeshadow and didn't have a case, but this wasn't a big deal as I just popped the pan into my custom palette (the pan is magnetized).

This is without doubt one of the most unique colors in my collection. With that I'll say that I can see how many skin tones might not find this color flattering. In the pictures it looks very olive, but in person, it's hard to tell if it leans more olive or gold. I think it is absolutely stunning and I could not be happier with it. I paired it with Bobbi Brown Camel (a shadow I've mentioned has become a fast favorite) as well as ABH Fudge, which I think gave the look some subtle depth. I really loved this look!

Darling Girl Cosmetics Ladyhawke
Status: Love

I've decided to start a project for April that revolves around indie shadows. My experiences with indie shadows so far (Fyrinnae) has been so overwhelmingly positive that I wanted to branch out to other indie brands and see what else is out there. I have a strong suspicion that my indie shadows might replace a lot of my mainstream palettes. And that would be fine with me! 

Darling Girl Cosmetics was another indie brand I heard a lot about, so I decided to sample some of their products. For the exception of Ladyhawke, I bought all mini or sample sizes since I didn't want to spend much money and didn't want to have a ton of product, especially if I didn't like the shadows. I have no idea why I bought a full-size of Ladyhawke. For the life of me, I cannot remember. And while I think I would have been happy with a mini size of this shadow, I really love it! I don't have anything like it and have a hard time even describing the color. It's a blueish green, but also silver maybe? It's surprisingly wearable and comes off quite natural on my slightly olive skin. I paired it with Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy, and I'm starting to think now that most loose pigments that are shimmery might require or at least strongly benefit from this kind of a base. 

Darling Gil Cosmetics Ugly Naked Guy
Status: Love

The name of this shadow will bring back nostalgic memories for people my age and older. This is part of the brand's Friends collection, and I had to laugh when I saw the name. I've always thought Friends was a part of "my generation," but I saw recently that the show premiered in 1994, and I was certainly way too young to be watching this show. I was old enough to catch the last couple seasons, which is why I guess I feel part of the show's history, but really, I wasn't. Nonetheless, I did not buy this mini shadow because of nostalgia; I bought it because it was a matte (and I haven't tried many indie mattes) that looked like a color I would enjoy. 

I actually thought this was going to be a warm peach color, and it looks a lot warmer (to me, at least) in the jar than it does when applied onto my skin. But this color actually leans like a cool almost grayish brown on me. When I first swatched it onto my hand, I was really disappointed in the color because I thought it was going to be warmer, but when I paired it with Ladyhawke, I thought it made a gorgeous and perfect pairing. This is actually quite a cool-toned look on me, so I paired it with Bite Beaty Thistle lipstick. In an effort to not make my face look totally dead, I also wore a peach blush (crazy, I know), and I actually love how this all turned out! 

Both looks I did this weekend remind me of how fun makeup can be in terms of trying new colors and finding flattering looks that you might not have thought to create. 


  1. Welcome to the indie rabbithole, my dear! It's a joyful place, but don't lose sight of the principles of your blog, as a word of warning.

    The hype and need to "have them all" is something I've been struggling with, and I still haven't managed to declutter any indies even though I have over 150. You think, oh, it's a dollar fifty for a sample bag? Cool, I'll buy the whole collection! Then what do you do to make sure you get use of the samples? I've learned how to press my shadows to make custom palettes, and I've stopped allowing myself to buy samples. I have to be choosier and actually make good curatorial decisions on minis or full sizes. It's slowed me down some, but probably not enough.

    1. Ha! Thanks so much for the word of warning, but don't worry, I have no interest in amassing a ton of indie singles either. I've wanted to sample a few small sizes from a few brands that look interesting, and that's it. I've seen many indie colors that look similar to what I already have, so I've just been selecting a few that look truly unique. (And I plan on decluttering as I go.)

      I've been really blown away by my experience with indies so far, and I would love to recommend a $3 indie shadow to my readers over a $50 palette with one unique shade, if that makes sense. I can definitely see how it would be easy to fall down the rabbit hole with indies and just buy buy buy (I've seen this on some indie blogs), but I don't have an interest in that.

      I struggled with the idea of doing an indie project because I didn't want my readers to think that I had shucked all my principles about consumerism, but for me personally, it helps to see the bigger picture. Because of my experience with the Fyrinnae shadows, all the new palette releases just look so boring to me, and I love that. And I've had a few readers tell me that they decluttered some of their palettes and bought some Fyrinnae shadows instead after seeing my posts because the colors are so unique. So I do see value in exploring some other options as long as it's done with purpose and in moderation.

      But thank you for your comment. I think it's a great reminder of how easy it is to slip into old habits. And I think it's great that you don't get samples anymore! I agree that samples are an easy way to justify getting way more than one could know what to do with.

  2. I know you won't! Just have to say it out loud to remind myself and those of us who feel the fear of missing out or forget what we already have (I just recently ordered an indie lipstick fit the second time after I forgot I had already bought it)!

    And I totally agree, my indies are the pride of my makeup collection due to their uniqueness. Sometimes I just sit at my vanity and swatch on my arm and marvel at them. After I get a handle on my inventory, I want to start a project where I do something similar to your one week one palette project. I'm thinking I'll pull out five indies at random that I have to find a way to use sometime during the week. I want to make sure everyone is getting enough love!

    1. If you post on your Instagram, I would LOVE to see that project! I think after April and the end of the indie project, I may do another round of my one week, one palette project. It's just hard because I've been loving my singles so much, and if I use each of my palettes weekly, I won't go back to my singles for literally over three months!

      But, I was able to declutter/depot six palettes in that project, so I definitely think it is worth doing again!

    2. maybe you can think of something like "almost one week, one palette", so use a palette for five days instead of seven? and have two days to use whatever you feel like.