Sunday, April 16, 2017

Weekend Looks: Hello Waffle and Shiro Cosmetics

Since I had used the Queen of Hearts palette all week, I was really looking forward to diving back into singles this weekend. And while I really enjoyed most of the looks that I did, I have to say that I'm feeling a little "blah" about my looks this weekend. But that could very well be because I am not feeling the best. I have a pretty debilitating injury at the moment that makes getting around my city very challenging, and to top it off, I accidentally gave myself a pretty deep cut yesterday (hence why there were no blog posts). 

And sometimes I feel that when you don't feel your best, you're just not going to be crazy about anything. Nonetheless, here are three looks I did this weekend. 

Look 1: Hello Waffle Purrian Gray and Shade and Light Eye

Purrian Gray on the lid (over Pixie Epoxy), KVD Lazarus blended into the crease, and KVD Solas padded onto the outer corner. 

Look 2: Shiro Cosmetics Glowstick of Destiny and Kat Von D Pastel Goth

Glowstick of Destiny on the lid (over Pixie Epoxy), Kat Von D Gloom and Doom blended into the crease, and Kat Von D  Meow padded onto the outer corner. 

Look 3: Shiro Cosmetics Mother of Dragons and Lime Crime Venus

Mother of Dragons on the lid (over Pixie Epoxy), Lime Crime Divine and Venus blended into the crease, Lime Crime Muse padded onto the outer corner. 

Hello Waffle Purrian Gray
Status: Decluttered

I really wanted to like this shadow. And I get that even saying that is a little dumb. I don't know of many people who buy something hoping they dislike it. When I saw swatches of this on the brand's website, I thought it looked like a gorgeous and unique taupe color. But on my lids, it looks like a matte nothing color. I know this might be a look that a lot of people really enjoy, but I am just not one of them. If I'm going to go through the effort of putting on eyeshadow, I personally would like to see it a bit more. I paired it with colors from the Shade and Light Eye palette, and I think the overall look turned out fine, but it was just a little too minimal for me. This color is a best-seller for the brand, but it just was not a winner for me. 

Shiro Cosmetics Glowstick of Destiny
Status: Keep, enjoy

This was probably my favorite look of the weekend. I think a shadow like this can be taken in many different directions, I just chose to take it in the pastel, colorful direction. This shadow is a blue/gold duochrome, and I think it is very pretty. Something I've noticed in a lot of these duochrome shades is that one color stands out much more than the other, and with this shadow—like many of them—it's the gold. I think maybe that was why I made the decision to pair it with the colors from Pastel Goth, because I wanted to pull out some of the blue tones. The next time I wear this shade, I'll be interested to see how it pairs with more neutral tones.

Shiro Cosmetics Mother of Dragons
Status: Keep, enjoy

I really liked this shadow a lot. It was my favorite from the weekend, even though I really enjoyed the Glowstick of Destiny look overall a little more. This shadow surprised me quite a bit. I thought it was going to be more taupe, but when I applied it, I really felt red tones coming through. It felt natural to pair it with shadows from the Lime Crime Venus palette (and I have to say that I love how much use I've gotten out of this palette since depotting!), and I think the look came out really pretty. It's funny because I wore this shadow on the weekend because I thought it would just be too intense for work, but I feel this looks is completely work appropriate.

My overall thoughts from this weekend are that I liked the colors I used for the most part, but they were not quite as special as those in the Queen of Hearts palette. And I know that I mentioned in my post about that palette that I was sick of using a palette all week, but that palette really is something special. And I think in general that Coloured Raine shadows are just very special as I love all of my singles from that brand. I think Queen of Hearts works great as a palette, so I don't want to depot the shadows, but I do think I just am really craving the freedom of singles. Even though these colors didn't quite live up to those, I enjoyed the overall process of putting my makeup on more this weekend. So, basically, I don't know what was up with me this week. Maybe it just was my injury throwing me off. Because, like I said, it's hard to feel really great about anything when you just feel really not great yourself.

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