Sunday, April 16, 2017

One Week, One Palette: Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts

The Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts palette was one that never made it into my original one week, one palette project. And that's because the colors are so intense that I really didn't feel comfortable wearing it to work, at least in the early days of my job. Now that I have been there for a few months, I feel much more comfortable with the makeup I wear, but I still felt this palette bordered on being a little too much for work. 

But since I am celebrating indie eyeshadow during April, I thought this was a perfect opportunity to use this palette for a week. 

Top, from left: Crown, Royal Highness, Your Majesty, Princess, Empress, and Queen Mother
Bottom, from left: Heir, Royal Prerogative, Noblewoman, Ladyship, Duchess, and Dethrone 

Here are five looks I did last week using every color in this palette. 

Look 1:

Royal Highness on the lid, Princess and Ladyship blended into the crease, Queen Mother padded onto the outer corner, and Crown on the inner corner. 

Look 2:

Your Majesty on the lid; Heir, Royal Prerogative, and Empress blended into the crease; Duchess padded onto the outer corner; and Crown on the inner corner. 

Look 3:

Noblewoman on the lid, Heir and Ladyship blended into the crease, Dethrone padded onto the outer corner, and Crown on the inner corner. 

Look 4:

Crown on the lid, Princess and Ladyship blended into the crease, and Queen Mother padded onto the outer corner. 

Look 5:

Queen Mother on the lid and Princess and Ladyship blended into the crease.

I have some odd feelings about this palette. This was the first time in months that I had used one palette for a week, and I have to say that while I really loved using Queen of Hearts and was blown away by it, I really hated using a palette. 

I quite enjoyed all the looks that I created last week, and even though look 4 was my least favorite, I didn't really dislike it. The pictures came out really terrible since Crown is a duochrome shadow, but it was a lot prettier than images show. My favorite looks were look 1 and look 5, and Queen Mother is probably my favorite shadow in the entire palette. 

I found it odd that there were four warm-toned matte brown/peach/orange shadows (Heir, Royal Prerogative, Empress, and Duchess) when there were only two shimmer shades (Your Majesty and Dethrone) that really complemented those tones. This was also a palette that didn't have a cream brow bone shade for my skin tone. I thought I would be able to use Heir, but that was too yellow to be used there. I used Wet N Wild Brulee on my brow bone every day except day 5, when I used Urban Decay Roadstripe. That is also a duochrome shadow, so it doesn't really look like much in the picture. 

As far as palettes go, this is one of my favorites I have ever used. I think for people who love palettes, this would really be a winner. I hope it's a product that Coloured Raine brings back again at some point, because I do think it's a great palette. If you didn't get it, however, the good news is that there are tons of single shadows (many from Makeup Geek or Make Up For Ever) that will duplicate the shades in this palette. 

As my week of using it came to a close, however, I did feel a slight bit of relief. As I look at my single shadows every day, I am so thrilled to figure out what color I want to wear and what look I want to build around that. Using a palette all week felt a little stifling, even though that palette was gorgeous. This is certainly not a palette that I would want to declutter, but it has really made me think about palettes and how much I actually enjoy them. 


  1. They are bringing it back sometime in the summer, and I expect it will be a mad rush to grab it. This is one of the only palettes over the last year that I felt regret that I didn't purchase, but I'm hesitant to dive into the melee when it does get re-released. These eye looks are very convincing that it is gorgeous and I want it, but I think I need to step back and go through my collection to put together a dupe list.

    I'm trying not to buy color makeup products at this point- I want to use what I have. I'm nearly positive that I can sufficiently dupe this, it's just what you always say about seeing the products all together. So that'll be the first task.

    Lovely looks this week! I appreciate you so much :)

    1. I just saw that they are doing a limited release tomorrow at 9 a.m. PST. According to the brand's Instagram, this will be the last time people can buy it, but their website still says that it will be restocked in the summer. I don't know, it could be a marketing hype tactic. And I feel like the website will probably crash tomorrow. Seems like a lot of people are really regretting not picking this up.

      Thing is, it is a beautiful palette, and I do recommend it, but I wouldn't say people are horrifically missing out if they don't have it. I'm sure if you bought it, you would really love it and would be impressed by it, but the colors just aren't that unique. I felt eventually throughout the week that I was doing the same look with the berry tones in the crease.

      I guess I just don't understand if everyone is crazy for something why a brand would make it limited edition. They very well could have made this a permanent item, and I don't know if I trust that tomorrow is the last time it will ever be made available. That's what they said months ago, and yet here we are.

      I feel I could have created a lot of these looks with my MAC or Makeup Geek singles.

  2. I decided not to go for it, and I'm glad I didn't. It sold out in like four minutes.

    The company's response really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. They're sick to their stomachs that not everyone who wanted one could get one. "We did not anticipate that the palette would sell out." Oh, horseshit. You knew exactly what would happen as you drummed up interest. False scarcity.

  3. The hype reminds me of the Too Faced Sweet Peach one. It is too dark for me so happy I don't feel left out.