Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Weekend Looks: Viseart Dark Matte and Colourpop Yes, Please!

I found myself in one of those unpleasant situations over the weekend where I was looking at a very full makeup collection but was not inspired to do anything.

Finally, with no creativity or inspiration, I decided to do a monochromatic warm-toned matte look, which isn't something I have done much, if ever. I ended up liking it so much that I was inspired to do one of my favorite warm looks the next day.

I loved how warm both of these looks appeared on me, and given how frigid it was outside, I was happy to have some warmth somewhere. I've said this before, but sometimes "faking" warmth and summer through makeup takes me out of the winter blues.

Here are two looks I did this weekend.

Look 1: Viseart Dark Matte

Lid: 7
Crease: 8
Inner corner: Make Up For Ever Pearl

Look 2: Colourpop Yes, Please!

Lid: Chauffeur
Transition: Champs
Crease: Big Cocktails
Deepen crease: Spoiled
Above crease: Mischief 
Brow bone: Full Zip
Inner corner: Make Up For Ever Pearl

Look 1: Viseart Dark Matte

I still remember the first look I ever did with this palette. I applied the maroon onto my eye and blended the yellow in the crease, and it looked awful. Strikingly so. It looked like I had an immensely bruised eye. I didn't use Dark Matte for months after that, and I had some pretty intense buyer's remorse. But then I started to use it as a complementary palette, and I ended up hitting my stride with it. But still, as a complementary palette, I just don't use it as much as I would like to, and I had never really cracked into the yellow and orange shades. What I can tell you is that these shadows applied like a dream. The overall look came off really pretty, I think, and I even received some compliments on it. The only negative is that I really had no idea how similar the yellow and orange shades are to each other. When I applied the yellow, I was expecting yellow, but I got orange. And when I applied the orange into the crease, I got a orange that was only slightly different from the one I had applied onto my lid. Looking at the photos, I think it looks like I only used one shadow, not two. I have other great yellows in my collection (see look 2), so that is not the end of the world, but for how much this palette cost, it would have been nice to get more distinct colors.

Look 2: Colourpop Yes, Please!

I've talked about this palette many times at this point, and this is a look that I've done before and loved. Therefore I will keep this short and say that my feelings toward Yes, Please! have not changed. I really think this is an excellent palette, and for $16, I think it raises the bar for other makeup brands.

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