Sunday, January 14, 2018

Weekend Looks: Duped Modern Renaissance and Sephora Pro Editorial

To complement my incredibly productive week, I have had a very relaxed weekend. I've continued watching movies at home, which has certainly been a highlight of my month, and I've been working toward making improvements on the blog.

In terms of makeup looks, I seem to have taken the Pantone Color of the Year to heart as I've been loving purple. (As a side note, my love of purple has absolutely nothing to do with the color of the year.) I suppose this is only a slight deviation from my love of pinks, oranges, and corals, but I'll take it. I created two looks that I loved this weekend, including one that has quickly become an all-time favorite.

Here are the two looks I did this weekend.

Look 1: Duped Modern Renaissance

Lid: ABH Macaroon 
Transition: Makeup Geek Cupcake
Crease: Natasha Denona Nina's Orchid
Brow bone: Viseart white
Inner corner: Makeup Geek Phantom
Lower lash line: Natasha Denona Nina's Orchid

Look 2: Sephora Pro Editorial 

Lid: Electric Violet
Transition: Myiesha
Crease: Eliza D
Brow bone: Porcelain
Inner Corner: Urban Decay Roadstripe
Lower lash line: Hector E

Look 1: Duped Modern Renaissance

Since I wrote a post about my duped Modern Renaissance palette, I've updated the palette. This is something that I often do with my custom palettes, especially ones that are "dupes" of popular palettes. As I start working with a color scheme, I figure out what works for me and what doesn't, and I adjust the palettes accordingly. As of now, I am very happy with the way this palette looks (but that doesn't mean that I won't change it again), and at this point it is less of a "dupe" and more "in the spirit of" palette. With that said, I absolutely love this palette, and I have been getting a ton of use out of shadows that I haven't touched in months, which is also something I find so exciting and inspiring about custom and duped palettes. In terms of the actual look that I did, I love it. I hadn't used Natasha Denona Nina's Orchid much since I first bought the 5-pan palette that it came in (number 10) years ago, and I wanted to see how it would look in the crease. I loved it. I thought it was pretty and almost neutral, but with a bold splash of color. I love this electric purple in the crease and am looking forward to working it into more looks.

Look 2: Sephora Pro Editorial 

This look took the cake for me this weekend, and it frankly was my favorite look I did all week. I love this look. And I mean I really, really love it. I've said this before, but I've always felt conflicted about Sephora Pro Editorial. I absolutely love the middle two rows, but I'm not nearly as crazy about the top and bottom rows. I did a declutter this weekend, and I thought about this palette. I knew that I truly loved parts of it, but I wondered if I loved it enough to make up for its shortcomings. And sure enough, when I used it for this look, I was swept off my feet in rich pigment. This is what I feel ABH Subculture wanted to be, which is saturated pigments but also completely bendable and little to no fallout. I wasn't expecting to love the look of electric violet and red, but I really do. When I thought about what color to add to the lower lash line, I contemplated the electric violet or a darker purple, but I wanted to be a bit more adventurous and go with a shimmery orange. And I think it turned out fantastic. A shimmery orange on the lower lash line has been something I've done a lot recently, and I think it just adds a little bit of interest to the look. I'm still frustrated that parts of this palette are not very strong, but the parts that are strong are so phenomenal that this is staying in my collection.

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