Sunday, January 21, 2018

Weekend Looks: Juvia's Place, Bobbi Brown, Morphe, and Urban Decay

This was a quiet weekend for me, and I found myself pretty exhausted and wanting to be casual. That  translated into my makeup, though I still ended up with some bold and unconventional looks. On the surface they may look intense, but the reality is that I paired neutral colors with one bold color. And I really love that such looks are becoming the new "neutral" for me. It's crazy to think that I was so scared of colors for years. Life is way more fun in color.

Here are the looks I did this weekend.

Look 1: Juvia's Place Chi and Bobbi Brown Camel

Lid: Juvia's Place Chi
Transition: Kat Von D Ludwin
Crease: Bobbi Brown Camel
Brow bone: Wet N Wild Brulee
Inner corner: Illamasqua Cascade
Lower lash line: Bobbi Brown Camel

Look 2: Morphe Jaclyn Hill and Urban Decay Electric 

Lid: Morphe Obsessed
Crease: Morphe Buns, Chip, and Mocha
Inner crease: Urban Decay Savage
Brow bone: Wet N Wild Brulee
Inner corner: Urban Decay Roadstripe
Lower lash line: Morphe Chip

Look 1: Juvia's Place Chi and Bobbi Brown Camel

I decluttered the Juvia's Place Masquerade palette a while ago from my collection, but I depotted a few shades that I thought were pretty unique and special (which ended up being the colorful shades). Chi is one of the standouts from that palette, and every time I've worn this shadow, I've received compliments. I think this is such a pretty shadow, and I wish that Juvia's Place would sell it as a single. I paired it with Bobbi Brown Camel because it's such a great shadow that really works with anything. And I think the end result was really great. What's cool is that Chi is a deep blue with purple undertones, and depending on what I pair with it, it will pull one or the other. I've paired Chi with mauves and it has pulled purple, and with Camel, it pulls deep blue. I really loved how this looked, and it wore incredibly well with no transferring throughout the day. 

Look 2: Morphe Jaclyn Hill and Urban Decay Electric 

(I received the Morphe Jaclyn Hill palette as a gift.)

This look was inspired by professional makeup artist and YouTube creator Lauren Mae Beauty, specifically the look in this video. I've always loved Lauren's looks, especially how she puts colors in "unconventional" areas of her eyes, and I just wanted to try this. While I definitely don't think my attempt looks as great as what Lauren does, it looks better in person. What I love about artists like Lauren is that they bring something new and interesting to the makeup conversation. This look, for example, is very neutral for the most part, much more than what I typically do. But with the inclusion of the hot pink in an unconventional placement, it makes the look really interesting. I am a glasses wearer on a daily basis, so this look becomes very understated when I put my glasses on, which makes me love it even more. In terms of shadow quality, the Morphe shadows I used in this look did not perform very well, and I wasn't impressed with them. Obsessed took several layers to build up, and the matte shades did not bend very well. I've been able to create looks with this palette that I enjoyed, but not all shades are created equal, and these were not impressive. 

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  1. I knew when I saw your second look that you were inspired by Lauren Mae. I love her and her content!