Sunday, May 21, 2017

Weekend Looks: Viseart, Stila, and Colourpop

I haven't had the greatest weekend. And it has been the kind of weekend where I'm realizing what is important and what is not. And as a result, I ended up getting rid of a few items that I haven't been able to get rid of. And that feels nice. 

I still have way too much makeup, but I've been really proud of how I have continually lightened the load, and maybe soon I will be in a place where I have a lot of makeup, but I don't have "way too much" makeup. 

Here are the looks I did this weekend:

Look 1: Viseart Boheme Dream

11 on the lid, 7 blended into the crease, and 10 padded onto the outer corner and on the lower lash line. 

Look 2: Stilla Glitter and Glow Rose Gold and Colourpop Wait for it and Making Moves 

Rose Gold on the lid, Wait for it and Making Moves blended into the crease. 

Viseart Boheme Dream
Status: Decluttered

When I started the day yesterday, this was in the "possible declutter" category. But now it has moved firmly into the bag of decluttered makeup items that is now overgrown. Look, this is a nice palette, but I just don't need it. I should have never purchased it in the first place because I didn't understand why I would need a light, medium, and dark pink, green, and blue. I have other colorful palettes. I have a pink very similar to this in a Viseart palette I love more than this one, so I just don't need it. And yes, I hate to declutter it because it was $80, but keeping it around because it was expensive does nothing for me personally other than to cause stress. And I just don't need that in my life.  

Stilla Glitter and Glow Rose Gold and Colourpop Wait for it and Making Moves 
Status: Keep

I've talked about all of these colors before, so I don't see the need to rehash anything. Instead, I'll just talk about the overall look. I love how this look turned out. I also really liked how the Viseart look turned out, but not as much as this one. And this is what I've been trying to keep in mind as I've been looking at new releases lately, delving into my singles collection, trying indie shadows, and decluttering. I like everything in my collection. I might even "love" everything in my collection. But I don't want this much. I don't need this much. I have variety. I have all the variety I could want. And when I evaluate an eye look I've created, I want to think, "Wow, I love that" rather than "that looks cool." And I love this eye look. And I only want to keep products in my collection that make me feel this way.  

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