Sunday, May 14, 2017

Weekend Looks: Fyrinnae, Shiro, and Notoriously Morbid

I hope everyone had a good weekend. I found out yesterday that a Racked article I was interviewed for was published, which was really cool. I think it's really great that anti-hauls and project pans are really picking up steam, and hopefully this will produce a new wave in the beauty industry where we are not constantly inundated with new products and people on YouTube trying to sell us stuff. 

The sun is out in New York City today, which seems to be a rare thing, so I am in a pretty good mood sitting with my coffee. As far as makeup, I'm still using indie shadows—no surprise there. 

Here are the looks I did this weekend. 

Look 1: Fyrinnae Abandoned Hotel 

Abandoned Hotel on the lid (over Pixie Epoxy) and Melt Rust Stack blended into the crease. 

Look 2: Notoriously Morbid Silent Samurai and Shiro Cosmetics Little Bird

Silent Samurai on the lid (over Pixie Epoxy), Little Bird blended into the crease, and Viseart Dark Matte padded onto the outer corner and blended into the crease.

Fyrinnae Abandoned Hotel
Status: Undecided

I absolutely love this color and thought it was stunning, especially when paired with the Melt Rust Stack. I love how it was equal parts green and gold and pulled some of the green tones in my eye color. The only reason that this is marked as an "undecided" shadow instead of a "favorite" shadow is because, on the eye, it looks very similar to Fyrinnae Aztec Gold:

Aztec Gold

Abandoned Hotel

(As a side note, for those of you who are trying to identify duplicate shades in your collection, taking a picture of your makeup is an incredibly helpful tool.)

When I swatch both of these colors on the back of my hand, they look totally different. But on the eye, especially paired with similar colors, I think they look pretty close. I'm still undecided, however, because I do feel Abandoned Hotel is a little less patina than Aztec Gold, and I really love both colors. 

Notoriously Morbid Silent Samurai
Status: Keep

This is a really pretty blue shadow that is almost periwinkle. I paired it will Little Bird, which is a soft pink shade, and a dark blue shadow from Viseart Dark Matte, and I really like how the look turned out. This is one of those looks that, while colorful, still feels really neutral to me. And maybe that's because my definition of neutral has become more liberal since discovering my love of color, but I feel this color is just a step beyond some taupe shades. I've already talked about Little Bird in a previous post, but I'll reiterate to say that this is a really pretty shade, is smooth, and blends really well. Overall, I just really like this look. 

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