Saturday, December 16, 2017

Weekly Looks: Colourpop, Fyrinnae, BH Cosmetics, Kat Von D, Morphe, Melt, and more

I had a pretty good week, all things considered.

If you've been around my blog for a while, you might remember that I had two pretty major surgeries over the summer. I don't think I really felt the full effect of what my body had been through until several months later, and over the past two months, I developed a minor complication that was impeding full recovery.

Earlier this week I had to undergo a procedure to drain some fluid out of a joint, which was a lot more painful that I would have expected. Overall my joint has been feeling much better since the procedure, but walking still feels a little shaky, and winter/snow in New York City has forced me to pretty much stay inside.

And while fundamentally that's not too great, I had a blast this week. Here are the highlights:

  • I was able to write some anti-haul blog posts and engage with the community more
  • EmilyNoel83 released the "Emily Awards," and I've loved seeing what she considers the best makeup items of the year
  • I discovered and listened to Serial podcast season one
  • I finally watched E.T. for the first time

In terms of my makeup, I think I felt like I was lacking some inspiration this week. On multiple days I would sit in front of my vanity and wonder what I should do. I have never had an extensive wardrobe, so I've never related to standing in front of a full closet thinking you have nothing wear, but this was the closest I've gotten. Some weeks I think having a large eyeshadow collection gives me limitless options, and other weeks I think having so much can stifle creativity.

Here are five looks I did this week.

Look 1: Colourpop Two Birds and Anastasia Beverly Hills Rosette

Colourpop Two Birds on the lid, Colourpop Silver Lining blended into the crease as a transition shade, and Anastasia Beverly Hills Rosette blended into the crease. 

Look 2: BH Cosmetics Zodiac 

Leo shimmer shade on the lid, Virgo matte shade blended into the crease as a transition shade, Cancer matte shade blended into the crease, and Leo matte shade padded onto the outer corner. 

Look 3: Fyrinnae Meerkat and Melt Stacks

Meerkat on the lid (over Pixie Epoxy), Melt Antique blended into the crease as a transition shade, Melt Rubbish blended into the crease, and Melt Love Sick padded onto the outer corner and blended into the crease. Melt Love Sick on the lower lash line. 

Look 4: Morphe Jaclyn Hill 

Royalty and Twerk on the inner and outer parts of the lid; Pool Party on the center of the lid; Creamscicle, Pooter, and Pukey blended into the crease as transition shades; Roxanne, Jacz, and Buns blended into the crease; and Chip blended to deepen the crease. Royalty and Twerk on the lower lash line. 

Look 5: Kat Von D Saint and Sinner

Ministry on the lid, Sacred Heart blended into the crease as a transition shade, Worship blended into the crease, Exorcism blended to deepen the crease, and Amen on the brow bone. 

Look 1: Colourpop Two Birds and Anastasia Beverly Hills Rosette

I think my week started with not really knowing what I wanted to do and feeling bored with everything I had been doing. So I was looking at one of my custom palettes, and I was drawn to this orange-gold shade from Colourpop that was close in the palette to a purple from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I put the colors together, and I was torn all day on how I felt about it. Part of me really liked the color combination, and another part of me couldn't get over how much it just looked like Wario from Super Mario Bros:

I suppose it also looks like the Los Angeles Lakers colors, but Wario was where my mind went. Individually, I love all of the shadows I used (though Colourpop Silver Lining looked a little ashy), but I'm undecided on the final look. 

Look 2: BH Cosmetics Zodiac 

I've talked about this palette before, and my thoughts are still the same. I really like it and am quite impressed with it, especially given its price. This is probably one of the more "boring" looks that I could have done with the palette, but I wore this the day of my medical procedure, so I think I was just looking for something a little low-key. Overall, I think the look came out quite pretty.

Look 3: Fyrinnae Meerkat and Melt Stacks

This was also another look that I didn't quite know how I felt about it while I was wearing it, but when I went back to look at the photos, I realized just how much I liked it. Meerkat is such a pretty color, but it does have quite a bit of glitter in it, which is never something I really like. (Side note, for some reason almost every single look I did this week just had gobs and gobs of fallout all over my face and I had to constantly work to remove it. Clearly I'm doing something wrong.) I decided to pair it with my Frankenstein's Monster Melt Stack, which is a hodgepodge of a few different stacks. I've done a bit more decluttering in recent months, and I decided to consolidate my favorite parts of my Melt Stacks into one stack. The one pictured is all of Rust (because Rust is my absolute favorite) plus Unseen (from Dark Matter) and Love Sick (from Love Sick). Having to do this look over again, I would probably not put Rubbish in the crease and just go in with Love Sick so that the red would be more obvious instead of looking brown.

Look 4: Morphe Jaclyn Hill 

(Please see this post if you have questions about why I own the Morphe Jaclyn Hill palette when I have written an anti-haul post on the product.)

I've used this palette quite a bit since it was gifted to me, especially since I used it for several weeks while traveling, but I had not yet used the "colorful quad" in the palette. There wasn't any specific reason for this; I figured the shadows would be close to identical to the shades from the Juvia's Place Masquerade palette, and I already have those in my collection. But something this week made me want to explore the colorful quad, so this is what I came up with. Overall, I think this look is super pretty, but the shadows are indeed nearly identical to the ones from Masquerade. I feel I should also mention that the shimmer shadows that I put on my lid transferred to the fold of my eye in a way that most shadows don't. I have deep-set eyes, meaning they are not quite hooded but close to it, so part of that is certainly just the way my eyes are (I'm wearing a Natasha Denona shadow today that is doing the same thing), but it is not something that happens regularly, so I thought it was worth mentioning.

Look 5: Kat Von D Saint and Sinner

(Please see this post if you have questions about why I own Saint and Sinner when I have written an anti-haul post on the product.)

In my continued quest to get some looks out of the Saint and Sinner palette, I used it again this week. I've had this palette now for about six or so weeks, and I've used it at least once every week. I just now feel like some of the color combinations are popping out to me as being something potentially interesting. I should also add that I have not yet done a "neutral" or "safe" look with this palette, and that's simply because monochromatic looks or looks that don't have a lot of depth have not been interesting me lately. I've gone through periods where all I've wanted was a sweep of champagne shimmer over my lid, and right now, I just want to throw all the color possible onto my eyes. It's easy for me to think of these more neutral color combinations with this palette, but it has been harder to pair some of the more colorful shades together. But this was my favorite look of the week, and it is one that I think I will come back to for special occasions or nights out. I loved this look, and I even received a compliment on it from a stranger. I've mentioned this before, but the biggest thing I've learned about this palette is that I have to be okay with putting shimmers in my crease. There just are not enough mattes in the palette to be appropriate for all of the different colors. Truthfully, I have started to really enjoy this palette, and I can imagine that it will one that I'm glad that I have, but had I not received it as a gift, I don't think it would have turned into a "one that got away" kind of palette.

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  1. I like all the looks you created! I really want that KAT VON D palette, but I'm holding strong. I know I am will regret it. Colorpop two birds is really nice!