Sunday, December 17, 2017

Weekend looks: Natasha Denona and New Wet N Wild

Wet N Wild has changed their eyeshadow formula and come out with a few new palettes. The one that is getting the biggest amount of buzz is Rosé in the Air, which has a very similar color scheme to the incredibly popular Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette. 

I was familiar with Wet N Wild's old formula, and it was one that I liked, generally speaking. At one point in time I had owned Comfort Zone and Petal Pusher, and they were both palettes that I really enjoyed. But then a few years passed, trends shifted, and I decluttered them from my collection. However, I never hesitated in recommending Wet N Wild palettes to others because I felt the formula was excellent. 

When I heard that these palettes were being discontinued, I have to admit that I didn't have high hopes that the replacements would be just as nice. I try to be as informed as possible when I write my blog, and I wanted to try the new Wet N Wild formula so that I could know how to gauge further recommendations. 

I created two very similar looks this weekend, one starring a Natasha Denona shadow and my Peachy Matte palette and one starring Rosé in the Air.

Look 1: Natasha Denona True Gold and Peachy Matte

Natasha Denona True Gold on the lid (applied with a finger), Colourpop Say I Do and The News blended into the crease as transition shades, and Colourpop Making Moves and Stay Golden blended into the crease. 

Look 2: Wet N Wild Rosé in the Air

3 on the lid, 4 blended into the crease as a transition shade, 8 blended into the crease, 7 and 5 padded onto the outer corner, and 2 on the brow bone. 6 on the lower lash line.

Look 1: Natasha Denona True Gold and Peachy Matte

It had been a while since I had used this Natasha Denona shadow, and I have to say that it didn't live up to my memory. I cannot apply this shadow onto my lid with a brush, and when I apply it with my finger, there is a ton of fallout. I thought about decluttering some of my Natasha Denona shadows a while ago, but I felt like some of them were special. Then Jouer came out with the Skinny Dip palette, and True Gold is pretty much duped by the shade Skinny Dip. In my opinion, the Jouer shadow is superior because it can be applied with a brush. Overall, I think this look came out really pretty, but the Natasha Denona shadow did transfer into the crease of my eye pretty shortly after application. I imagine I will declutter this shadow the next time I minimize my collection. 

Look 2: Wet N Wild Rosé in the Air

So, I don't know how I feel about this palette, which is not surprising since this was the first time I used it. This palette swatches really well. I was actually surprised how well it swatches. However, when applied onto the lid, the shimmer shadows were quite sheer. I was impressed with the matte shadows and felt they were quite pigmented and blended well. When compared to the look with the Natasha Denona and Colourpop shadows, I feel like the Wet N Wild look is a little lackluster. I should also mention that I may be predisposed to not really love this palette since I disliked Modern Renaissance so much. It's not a color scheme that I am really drawn to or inspired by, and since there are only two simmers in this palette (which are more of a pearl finish than shimmer), that limits the number of looks I can do unless I want to do a matte look, which isn't something I usually like. (Not surprisingly, I had these same complaints with Modern Renaissance.)

When I compare these two looks, look number one is clearly the winner. And while the main shadow in look one is from Natasha Denona and is quite expensive, the rest of the shadows are from Colourpop and are considerably less expensive. With that said, this entire palette from Wet N Wild is $5. And for $5, I think this palette is impressive. I would not say that it is the same quality as shadows from Colourpop, but it is not bad. I wouldn't be surprised if I end up decluttering this palette to a friend, but I would like to use it a bit more.

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