Saturday, September 9, 2017

Duped: Too Faced Just Peachy Matte Palette

About a month ago, I wrote an anti-haul post about why I wasn't going to buy the Too Faced Just Peachy Matte palette.

I have been really over Too Faced, their marketing, hype-buildings tactics, and antics for a while now. But I have to admit that I was a little surprised to find that this palette, while certainly nothing extraordinary in terms of quality, seems to be not quite as terrible as what I have come to expect from them in recent years.

And after seeing photos of the actual product (instead of the promotional image I have here), I have to admit that I started feeling a little weak. You see, a peach-themed eyeshadow palette (especially a matte palette) is very much in line with what I like. And I was wondering, for the first time, if I had jumped the gun with an anti-haul post.

I went into Sephora last night to replace my favorite cleanser, and while I was there, I decided to take a look at this palette in person. And I'm so glad that I did—all feelings of temptation were instantly gone. Because I knew—unequivocally—that I could dupe this entire palette.

So I did.

I've recently done another declutter, and I was able to get rid of a few palettes and several single eyeshadows. I finally decided to declutter the shadows that were in this MAC palette, and it ended up being the (near) perfect size for my Peachy Matte palette. 

Now, before I go into the colors, I'll say that not every single one of these shadows is a perfect duplicate of the shadows in the Just Peachy Matte palette. And that was intentional on my part. There are some shades in that palette that I just personally wouldn't use over other colors in my collection, so I decided to make this a curated version of the palette to fit my specific preferences. 

And I've got to say that I love this palette! 

Let's compare. 

Just Peachy Mattes:

Custom Peachy Mattes:

I'd like to mention that the inspiration behind this project is a series that Lauren Mae Beauty does on her YouTube channel, called "Let's Dupe It." If you haven't seen Lauren's content, I highly recommend it. I really appreciate her perspective on buying and "collecting" makeup, and she and I seem to have a similar perspective in the sense of continuing to be interested in new makeup, still purchasing select items, and decluttering as our tastes change. She also has a really fantastic video on makeup addiction within the makeup community that I highly recommend. 

I'd also like to mention that I found Temptalia's review of the Just Peachy Mattes palette to be incredibly helpful in figuring out duplicate shades that I had in my collection. 

Let's run through the colors in my palette:

Top row: Zoeva Bitter Start, Costal Scents Petal Peach, Colourpop Cannonball, and ABH Fudge
Middle row: Makeup Geek Beaches and Cream, Colourpop Wait For It, Colourpop Making Moves, and Coloured Raine Moments
Bottom row: Makeup Geek Peach Smoothie, ABH Blazing, Colourpop Stay Golden, and Makeup Geek Bitten

I have yet to find a great way to swatch my shadows and simultaneously take a quality photo. Suffice to say that all of these shadows perform beautifully (or they wouldn't still be in my collection). In general I'm also not the biggest fan of swatches (even though I do consult them when debating a purchase) because I very rarely find them to be an accurate depiction of how a product will perform. As an example, all of my Viseart matte shadows swatch terribly, but they are some of my favorite shadows. On the flip side, Morphe shadows swatch great on me, but the more I used them, the more I found they irritated my eyes. And, of course, there's ABH Subculture, which swatches so beautifully but is notorious at this point for its performance issues. 

My favorite part about this palette and experience is that I literally did not have to purchase a single shadow (or even the palette). These were all existing items in my collection, and as soon as I put the palette together, it felt like a brand new item instead of shadows I've had in my collection for a while. I think this was also a really valuable exercise for me in actually creating my own duped palette. I feel my collection can dupe almost everything that comes out, but the majority of my shadows are in palettes or are loose indie shadows. So it was really gratifying for me to be able to use my single, pressed, uniform shadows for this palette and get the satisfaction of the colors looking "uniform" and not like Frankenstein's monster. 

Beyond making this palette for the purpose of this blog post and encouraging those reading to try something similar with their shadows at home, I fully expect to use this palette as a staple in my collection. Even though I have had these shadows for a long time, it was great to be able to look at them in a new light, out of the way they were previously organized. That's half of what makeup consumerism is all about—drumming up hype to get us to buy stuff we already have because we like the way it's organized. So it's good to be able to see through that. I really love this palette, feel it is of superior quality to the Too Faced palette, and I saved myself $45 and adding yet another palette to my collection. 


  1. Great post! I love your point about how we essentially just love how existing shadows are organized in new ways.

  2. I got the viseart neutral matte palate and was surprised at how it didn't swatch well at all. I also found it lacking pigment when I applied it to my eye. I was rather surprised because it was such a hyped up product.can you share why you like viseart palettes so much? Is it the staying powder, lack of fallout, or color selection?