Thursday, July 6, 2017

What I'm Not Buying: Sephora Pro Cool Palette

The Sephora Collection X Sephora Pro palettes have officially launched. I've already written an anti-haul post on the warm palette (here), and this post will be dedicated to the cool palette. 

Because I won't be buying. 

As I said in the post about the warm palette, when I first saw the cool palette, I really, really wanted it. But, honestly, that feeling went away really quickly. And it is because, like the warm palette, I was able to see—immediately—that I already have all the colors in this palette.

At a glance, there is a lot going on in this palette. There are light/champagne colors, rosy shimmers, berries, taupes, and standard matte shades. When you break the entire thing down like that, it doesn't sound very extraordinary or unique to me at all. And I think what is happening with this palette, which is something that happens with a lot of palette, is the "group attractiveness effect." And what that means, essentially, is that if you were to look at each of these colors on their own, they likely wouldn't look that special to you. Or, if you were to look at each color individually, you might realize that you already have that color in your collection. But when you look at the entire thing, taking in all the colors at once, it all of a sudden seems completely unique. But it's not. It is just a collection of a bunch of typical shades.

Let's look at swatches:

These swatches were provided by a Sephora Pro artist, which is always something to keep in mind. These were not provided directly by the brand, but there is still a strong association with the brand. What I found interesting is that these swatches look far less appealing to me than the actual palette. And that's because the colors all just look so similar. The majority of colors on the right arm, for example, do not look all that appealing to me because they are just variations of white/cream. And apart from the few berries shades on the left arm, I'm not digging that one so much either. 

This palette also seems like a solid amount of it would not work on various skin tones. There are definitely parts of it that I think could work for all skin tones, which is great, but I always think it's better if entire palettes (or close to it) can work for all skin tones. 

Let's look at the palette again:

Do you know what I see when I look at this palette? The Lorac Mega Pro 1:

It is also very similar to the Mega Pro 3:

The rosy shimmers look exactly like the Lorac Unzipped:

And it also reminds me of the Tarte Tarteist Pro:

And ABH Modern Renaissance:

From my own collection, I have two custom palettes that give me the entire cool palette:

Between these two palettes, there are shadows from Natasha Denona, Lime Crime, Viseart, Too Faced, MAC, Coloured Raine, Makeup Geek, Costal Scents, ABH, and Colourpop. 

The Sephora Collection X Sephora Pro palettes are $68, which is a lot money, unless you are comparing it to the outrageous prices of the Natasha Denona palettes. I have a few Viseart palettes in my collection, which are pricier than these palettes from Sephora for less shadows, but I still think that $40 and up for a makeup item is expensive. And I like to keep that in mind whenever I consider buying something. And that is why I have to evaluate all items with a critical eye. If I spend that much money, I don't want it to be for something I already have. 

And as I have said in other posts, I love my custom palettes so much that I don't see any palette replacing them for me. 

I think it's great that Sephora is upping their game and trying to compete with some of the bigger brands. It's exciting to see Sephora improve formulas (hopefully). But, as with the warm palette, this palette just comes way too late for me as I already have all these colors. And, frankly, I like the arrangements of my customs palettes more than the layout of the Sephora palettes. So there is really no reason for me to buy this. And I won't. 

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